After Accident, “I’ve Never Felt Better In My Life”

A farmer is driving his horse and buggy with his dog by his side when a car forces him off the road.  The buggy is knocked over, and the farmer and his dog fall out.  The farmer sues the other driver for personal injuries and there is a jury trial.

At the trial, the farmer is cross examined by the insurance company lawyer.  The lawyer asks one question – “Mr. Farmer, isn’t it true that at the accident scene, you said ‘I’ve never felt better in my life.’”  The farmer responded, “Yes, I did say that.”

The lawyer representing the farmer then got up and asked the farmer to tell the jury about the circumstances when he made that comment.  The farmer told the jury that after he was thrown from his buggy, he was unconscious for a few minutes.  When he woke up, he saw the local sheriff at the accident scene. He saw the sheriff walk over to the farmer’s horse who was lying on the road with a broken leg.  The sheriff examined the horse’s leg and when he saw the break, he took out his gun and shot the horse in the head.  The sheriff then walked over to the farmer’s dog, who was lying next to the farmer.  The dog was whimpering and also looked like his legs were damaged beyond repair.  The sheriff then took out his gun and shot the dog in the head.  The sheriff then turned to the farmer and said, “How do you feel?”  The farmer then turned to his lawyer and said, “What do you think I said – I never felt better in my life.”

Steve Karp

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