Bicyclists Beware: Tips on Bicycle Safety and Avoiding Cycling Accidents

Spring is arriving in Chester County, PA and many residents will take advantage of the warmer weather. Outdoor activities the entire family can enjoy are plentiful in this area, especiallybiking.

The rural area is well known for its numerous parks, small town settings, and rustic back roads- all perfect for bike riding. But research says that thousands of bicyclists die every year from injuries sustained in collisions with cars, so it pays to be cautious while out riding!

Follow these tips for safe bicycling.

Bicycling with kids

When riding with kids, the adult should ride on the outside of the lane of travel and the child should ride on the inside, especially if bicycling on a busy roadway. The safest option is to ride at local parks with multi use trials.

Avoid common collision situations

The two most common situations include a car pulling out of a driveway or street or a car door opening in front of you unexpectedly.

In order to stay safe, watch for cars pulling out as you approach driveways, intersections, and parking lots. Always make sure you are visible to them as you approach.

Improving visibility

Add a headlight to your bike if you cycle at night and wear bright and reflective clothing.

Also, if you see a car that could pulls out in front of you, wave or yell to get the driver’s attention so they see you. Consider slowing your bike to a stop if you have enough time to react. Stopping might save your life.

If you are riding in a lane of travel with parked cars, ride far enough to the left to avoid a car door opening in front of you unexpectedly. Some bicyclists worry about being hit from behind in this case, but motorists can see you more clearly this way and you are less likely to be hit when you are visible.

If you follow these tips and still, the worst happens and you are injured on your bicycle, call our office immediately.

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