Fatal Car Accident Statistics In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, according to the DOT statistics report for 2014, each day there is an average of 332 traffic crashes that are reported. Every hour that is 14 accidents. 219 car crash related injuries happen every day, or 9 every hour. Three deaths occur every day, which is an average of one every 7 hours.

The largest number of fatal accidents are attributable to drunk driving and speed.

The most deaths were incurred by the elderly over 75 years of age – they were in fewer crashes but their advanced age made them more likely to not survive a serious crash.

Out of 511 total car accident deaths in 2014, 400 were the driver operator of the vehicle, followed by 75 for the right side passenger, 14 in the left rear seat and 11 in the right rear seat. The middle of the car was comparatively safe, only 2 fatalities for the center rear and none for the center front. These statistics are somewhat deceiving when you consider that most times a driver is all by themselves in the car, and that it is only a full vehicle that has passengers riding in the middle positions. 9 deaths were counted as ‘Others’ – rear of station wagon, in a towed vehicle, or traveling on or outside a vehicle.

Fortunately, the fatality rates have fallen year over year for the past 60 years. We truly hope that the fatalities continue to go down when the 2015 report comes out.

Vehicle Crash Fatalities By PA County

This is the list of the ten Pennsylvania with the most car accident deaths – highest to lowest:

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Lancaster
  3. Allegheny
  4. York
  5. Bucks
  6. Luzerne
  7. Montgomery
  8. Lehigh
  9. Westmoreland
  10. Chester

The Victims In Those Car Accident Statistics

Every year there will be an abundance of car accidents with different degrees of injuries, along with many unfortunate deaths.

As an accident lawyer in Chester County, in practice for decades, and with much experience on cases related to automobile accidents, I see the tragic implications of these incidents every week.

From a legal standpoint, the person that causes the accident is potentially responsible for damage and restitution. Lost lives and injuries sustained cannot be changed – what is done is done. The aftermath involves monetary restitution and criminal charges.

In our legal system, both the victims and the instigators of the accident are protected under the law and the legal process is undertaken to reach a resolution and a finality to the unfortunate incident that occurred.

What YOU Need To Do

If YOU are involved in a car crash where injuries occur and / or property is damaged, consulting with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney that specializes in vehicle accidents is highly recommended. You individual case can be evaluated and the lawyer can advise you as to the strength of it within the law of the State of Pennsylvania. They can move your case forward and expedite a settlement, or if necessary, go to trial. Each stage involves much investigation and information gathering, as well as a number of contingents including but not limited to the other parties involved, insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and property owners.

Get someone on your side immediately who knows what to do and when to do it.

Consultations are always welcome. If you are involved in a car accident – call us. We are here to help. That’s what we do.


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