Why hire a lawyer for a bicycle accident

Spring time and summer time open up the road to cycling.  In Chester County, most cyclists are cycling to be outside and get some great exercise rather than using the bike as a mode of transportation to work.  However, cycling results in upwards of 35,000 accidents per year caused by motorists, bad road conditions such as potholes, and having car doors opened in the path of riding.

What is important to know for a cyclist in Chester County PA.

Insurance coverage, laws of the road and types of injuries are all different than you may expect.  Attorney’s specializing in  bicycle accident cases have to first understand the rules regarding the payout and or coverage, regardless of the motorists fault.  Additionally, the attorney needs to be able to understand the rules of the road that govern Chester County, PA and how that affects the injuries that the cyclist may have sustained.

The attorney’s at Karp & Hart specialize in bicycle accidents and have a track record of being able to understand and navigate the legal system for their clients.   Call The Law Offices of Karp & Hart today for a FREE consultation if you have experienced a bicycle accident in Chester County PA.

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