Motorcycle Accidents in spring – precautions

It won’t be too long until the temperatures begin to rise, leaving winter nothing more than memory. As the weather becomes milder, more motorcycles will be seen upon Chester County roadways. In 2013, 460 motorcyclists lost their lives in PA, according to the Pennsylvania State Department of Transportation. Here are some motorcycle safety tips that can help reduce that number this year.

Motorcycle safety tips:

Look for the drivers who don’t see you

Many drivers are distracted nowadays and may only look for other cars before they pull out into traffic or make a sudden turn; they may not see a motorcycle right in front of them. Watch for those drivers and be prepared to move out of their way!

Experts warn that “dumping” your bike isn’t the best course of action. Instead, stay upright and brake fully, even if you are only able to decrease your speed and not stop entirely.

Learn to use your brakes properly

It’s a reflex to grab your front brake when something unexpected happens, but that can lead to a nasty spill. Learn how to brake safely and properly and you will probably avoid most accidents. Even motorcycles with ABS need to be handled carefully when braking.

Avoid riding between cars

Riding between a long line of parked cars could mean a door suddenly opening in front of you. Riding between a line of slow moving cars could mean getting hit by a car that suddenly tries to switch lanes. It is safer to stay in your lane and go with the flow of traffic!

Motorcycles can be a lot of fun and also very dangerous. It may seem inevitable that riding a motorcycle leads to a crash of some sort. More and bigger vehicles on the roadways, distracted drivers, poor weather conditions, all contribute to motorcyclists being hurt and killed.

Stay safe while riding your motorcycle but if the worst happens and you are involved in an accident, call our office immediately.

How The Karp Hart Firm Can Help You

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