Move Over Asbestos – Bring On Popcorn Lung

For the past 40 years, juries around the country have awarded multimillion dollar verdicts to workers exposed to asbestos.  Recently, a jury in Colorado awarded a man $7.2 million in damages because he developed a chronic condition known as “popcorn lung.”

The plaintiff consumed microwave popcorn every day for years.  He then developed an obstructive lung disease.  It was not the popcorn that was dangerous, but the chemical butter flavoring, Diacetyl.  The popcorn industry has known about the danger of the chemical flavoring but did not warn the public.

Any person who has developed obstructive lung disease and has eaten microwave popcorn may be able to file a claim for “popcorn lung.”

Could “popcorn lung” be the asbestos of the 21st Century?

Steve Karp

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