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$3,350,000 — Settlement for a construction worker who was crushed between two vehicles at a work site. The case involved a life-care planner to estimate future medical costs.

$1,500,000 — Recovery for a family whose father died while in a coma after intubation following an elective procedure. The endotracheal tube was placed incorrectly thereby depriving the patient of oxygen during the procedure.

$1,800,000 — Recovery in a truck accident case. The worker required back and neck surgeries which rendered him unable to work in construction.

$600,000 — A Philadelphia jury verdict for a man suffering facial paralysis following ear surgery. The jury deliberated for two day days before rendering the verdict including $100,000 for a consortium claim for the wife.

$250,000 — Jury verdict in Chester County in a medical malpractice case involving foot surgery.

$300,000 — Recovery for a young woman who sustained a concussion and post-concussion syndrome following a motor vehicle accident.

$132,500 — Settlement for a fractured elbow from a slip and fall on ice. The company had shoveled and salted the premises but did not do an adequate job.

$350,000 — Settlement in a car accident which resulted in a herniated disc. The client had been plagued with back problems prior to the accident.

$875,000 — Chester County arbitration award in a case where a man sustained a herniated disc to his lower back. No operation could be performed as there had been prior surgery at the same site.

$90,000 – Chester County arbitration award for an elderly gentleman who sustained injuries to his neck following a car accident.  Treatment included multiple injections.

$300,000 – Jury verdict for a young man who sustained head injuries when he was tossed out of a moving vehicle.

$925,000 – Medical malpractice recovery regarding amputation of a leg after doctors disregarded symptoms of a blood clot.

$450,000 – Recovery for a family whose young son was killed in an accident in Maine.  State damage cap limited the verdict.

$680,000 – Chester County arbitration award for an individual injured in a motorcycle accident requiring lower back surgery.