Bicycle Accident Lawyers

People don’t often think that there is tremendous danger in riding a bicycle, but unfortunately accidents do happen. Even with improved helmets and modern safety equipment, bike accident lawyers see too many cases each year. Often they involve children.

The first thing a bicycle injury attorney wants to do is take the burden of legal worry off of our client’s shoulders. Here at Karp & Hart, we will immediately evaluate the bike accident from a litigation standpoint, assess the degree of injuries, and get an overview of any property damage, We will talk to you about what happened to you or your loved one, and add additional pertinent information as we diligently investigate the entire situation, clearly explain the legal components of your particular case, and advise you on every aspect of our recommended way to proceed.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys Who Care

As a Chester County bicycle accident law firm with decades of experience, we care about your cycling injuries and how the aftermath is resolved. Let your concerns be ours to resolve, using our legal experience, practical knowledge, and familiarity with the court system and process in this state. This is what we do. Karp & Hart limits its practice to handling only this type of law. Bike accidents resulting in personal injuries may result from a bike collision with another vehicle; a defective bicycle itself or a defect in the public road surface which causes physical injury to the bicyclist.

Whatever happened – we know the territory, we know the terrain, and we’ve been there countless times before.

Call Us If You Have Bicycle Accident Injuries

Let us know what happened. At Karp & Hart, we want our initial conversation to make you feel confident and comfortable that you are about to engage with experienced and caring bicycle accident lawyers. Call us at 610-430-2200 or visit the Karp & Hart Law Offices in West Chester, PA for a free consultation.

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