If you are bitten by a dog and sustain injuries, it is prudent that you contact an attorney that is experienced in dog attack litigation. Karp & Hart are personal injury lawyers. Every aspect of your case will be scrutinized and documented and you or your loved one will receive the legal overview of your particular case and the best recommendation as to how to proceed with litigation. The dog attack was traumatic. The aftermath should be a painless process once put into the hands of Karp & Hart.

Dog Attack Liability

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides strict liability for any injuries caused by dog bites occurring to humans or other animals if the nature of the injuries are extremely severe; if the dog had previously attacked a person or animal or ever showed dangerous behavior. There is a common perception that the “one dog bite” rule applies. This comes from the belief that the owner of the dog would not be aware of an animal’s vicious propensities until it actually attacks someone. However, state law does not follow the “one bite rule” – the law applies to an injury whether or not it was caused by a first dog bite and only proof of a dangerous propensity of the animal is required.

About Dog Bites Laws

If a dog has a dangerous propensity, it means that it is the tendency of the dog to bite a person without provocation. Our state’s dog bite laws create different categories of victims and treat each differently. For example, if the dog is a first time biter, the law offers two remedies that depend upon the degree of the dog bite injury. Injuries are classified as either “severe” or “non-severe.” A severe injury is a physical injury that results in broken bones or disfiguring lacerations requiring multiple sutures or cosmetic surgery. If the person is severely injured, they may make a claim against the dog owner for medical expenses and all other losses and legal damages. Keep in mind, however, that it must be proven that the victim had nothing to do with provoking the dog. Under this example, it does not matter whether the dog had previously bitten or not.

Dog Laws In Chester County, PA

It is unlawful for an owner of a dog to fail to keep a dog at all times either:

(1) confined within his premises;
(2) firmly secured by means of a collar or chain or other device so that it cannot stray beyond the premises on which it is secured; or be
(3) under the reasonable control of some person, when engaged in lawful hunting, exhibition or field training.

There are even certain species of dogs which are considered to be dangerous animals per se – such as the Pit-bull or Doberman Pincer.

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