We are in a densely populated area where, due to the sheer number of hospitals and physicians, many instances of medical negligence occur.

Simply stated, medical malpractice is negligent conduct rendered by a medical provider which results in personal injury. At fault can be it a doctor, nurse or other hospital clinician. There can also be errors made in a drug prescription.

From the moment you contact Stephen Karp you will receive the caring and focused legal attention that your individual case needs. His overview will determine if from a legal standpoint you have grounds for litigation. If so, a thorough investigation of every aspect of your circumstance is initiated, and this becomes the foundation for the subsequent legal action to be built upon. Then we can make this determination, and decide how strong your case actually is.

Unfortunate Situations Do Occur

Medical malpractice is similar to a driver ignoring a red traffic light and causing an accident. Here, it is the healthcare provider who has run a medical red light. When a medical provider fails to follow a procedure that other doctors generally would have deemed reasonable, or performs a procedure which he or she should not have performed, there could be a credible case for us to evaluate.

We all know that complications and unexpected results can occur even with appropriate medical care. Doctors and healthcare providers do not, nor should they, guarantee that their treatments will be successful. It is only if a healthcare provider negligently causes or contributes to an injury that he or she will be held liable. The conduct which caused the injury must fall below the standard of care expected in that doctor’s specialty.

Our Law Practice

Karp and Hart have seen that in their years of law practice, most malpractice injuries do not result in lawsuits. People normally do not want to bring lawsuits against their doctors no matter what, and despite suffering an injury, many patients are unaware that they have experienced something that could be considered negligent. Some examples would be if a physician or medical facility failed to:

  • Timely diagnose an illness or a medical condition;
  • Prescribe or administer the proper medications,
  • Properly perform medical procedures including surgery errors and
  • Heed warnings or follow procedures during childbirth.

Over 90% of all cases – no matter how egregious the medical error – are won by the healthcare provider. As a consequence, before any case is pursued, our investigation ensures that there is a proper claim. Karp and Hart have a physician specialist – in the particular medical area of question – review your case in detail, and provide an opinion as to whether there is a reasonable basis to bring the case.

We are the only law firm in our area that strictly limits its practice to only personal injury cases and medical malpractice cases. Feel free to contact us for our initial thoughts on your particular circumstance and situation.

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