If you were in an accident while riding on your motorcycle you may have been injured. There is probably damage to your bike and often other property damage. It is likely that there were other people and vehicles involved in the bike crash as well. You need to have the best legal representation, and Karp & Hart are here to provide it. Call us, talk to us. We know the territory, and are experienced in every aspect of any motorcycle accident situation you have recently experienced. Stephen Karp will give you all the time and personal interaction you need to feel secure, knowing that your case is in the hands of a legal team who will take charge and move it on to a successful resolution as quickly as possible.

Serious Injuries

Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries. The reasons are obvious. When you are riding on a motorcycle you do not have a protective cocoon surrounding you such as front and side impact air bags and steel case construction or rollover bars. The motorcycle operator is basically a sitting duck. Even the most careful driver can be hit in broad daylight with his or her light on. They are hard to see and often other drivers are in a rush, paying little attention to two-wheel vehicles. To add further to the danger, many of our local roads are narrow, windy and hilly.

Jurors sometimes have preconceived ideas that if you are riding a motorcycle involved in an accident, you are automatically considered to be a reckless driver. This is a heavy burden to overcome for a trial lawyer. If you are motorcycle operator, then you know all too well that the stereotype is unfair. However, it does exist. Stephen Karp deals with these types of cases every day.

Specific Issues

Common examples of injuries that Peter and Steve have seen include burns, scars, broken legs, back injuries and neck injuries. We have even seen very serious accident cases with more extreme injuries like paralysis, loss of a limb, loss of vision, brain damage and death.

Motorcycle Insurance Claims

You must also be aware that motorcycle insurance coverage is complicated when filing a claim. Many people do not have enough insurance to cover the serious injuries they sustain. It is either because the driver of the other vehicle did not maintain enough liability insurance coverage or, in many cases, the vehicle owner was not fully covered with either uninsured or underinsured coverage on his or her own policy. It is important that if you also own automobiles that your policy or policies provide you with stacked coverage which covers not just your motorcycle but also all your other motor vehicles.

Changes To Motorcycle Law

Finally, the recent changes to the helmet law have been controversial and misunderstood. Pennsylvania’s recent changes to the motorcycle helmet law did not completely revoke the requirement that all motorcyclists wear helmets.

  1. You must still wear approved helmets and eye-protective devices unless they are 21 and have been licensed to operate a motorcycle for more than two full years.
  2. A 21-year-old who has not been licensed for over two full years can ride without a helmet and eye protection if he or she completes a rider safety course approved by the Commonwealth or by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
  3. Passengers still must wear helmets until they are 21 and, if over 21, they can ride without a helmet and eye protection only if the motorcycle operator qualities to do so.

Please feel free to contact Karp and Hart to discuss your accident, or with any questions regarding motorcycle law in this area.

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