Stephen Karp have been representing clients in property damage cases for decades. Our law firm is limited to one specialty – personal injury law. This is what we do every day, and as a result, our experience in residential and business property liability enables us to provide a definitive overview of your case, and represent you or your business with the goal of successful resolution. Our careful initial investigation and documentation of all aspects of the incident will lay the foundation for any future legal defense, and subsequently Karp and Hart will be there every step of the way throughout to litigation process.

Every property owner in Pennsylvania has a simple responsibility to its guests, visitors and customers – they must ensure that their property is kept in a reasonably safe condition. This is not an absolute duty to make a property perfectly safe from every possible hazard – just a duty to make it reasonably free from danger. If someone falls and is injured on your property, it does not necessarily make it a property liability case.

If someone is walking in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for example, and sustains an injury from tripping on your uneven sidewalk, broken or irregular stairs, wet floors, holes in the ground, or navigating through icy conditions – you may have a potential property liability claim against you as the owner of the unsafe property. However for the plaintiff’s case to be successful, their slip and fall attorneys must prove that the injury was caused by a defective condition and that you the property owner either knew or should have known of its existence and have taken steps to correct the problem, or at least warn the visitor.

Property Liability For Residential Or Business Property Owner

The duty of a Chester County, Pennsylvania property owner  is to keep their property “reasonably safe” and includes undertaking periodic inspections to ensure a the safe environment.

This is especially true when the property is owned by a business because business owners have the highest duty to the public.

What To Do If Someone Was Injured On Your Property

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