From the moment you speak to Stephen Karp regarding your slip and fall incident, you will feel confident to put your case is in the hands of a slip and fall accident attorney with years of experience in personal injury law. He knows how to successfully handle every aspect of your unfortunate accident. He will let you know if you have a viable slip and fall injury case under current state law. Karp & Hart will advise on all parameters and possibilities, and give you a clear overview of all to anticipate moving forward.  They will take charge of all interactions between every party involved, including the insurance companies and municipalities.

Slip And Fall Injury Cases – Who Is At Fault?

According to Pennsylvania law a property owner has the responsibility to maintain property that is safe and free of hazards to all visitors and guests. Additionally, a business has this same responsibility to all its customers and clients. That being said, just because you fall and get injured on someone’s property, it does not necessarily mean that you have a legitimate property liability case against the owner. You will have to prove that a defective condition caused your unfortunate injury. In addition, it must be determined that the property owner was aware of this hazardous problem and made no attempt to either rectify the situation, or at least warn you of the potential danger. If the owner was unaware, then a court must find that they had the responsibility to have known of the hazardous condition before your incident occurred, and taken the proper measures to protect the public and customers from potential injury.

The Slip And Fall Legal Case

There is much to consider within each case. If you slipped on a banana lying on the floor of a grocery store and broke your hip. Would the owner of the grocery store who has a duty to undertake periodic inspections, be liable for your injuries? It all depends. How long was the banana laying there? Had it just been knocked off the shelf by someone walking by or had it been there for a long enough period that it should have been spotted and removed by store personnel? These are the components that a personal injury lawyer addresses when deciding whether to pursue slip and fall cases. As unique as every individual case can be, Karp & Hart have been there before, and our firm’s experience is often the difference maker.

What To Do If You Are Injured From A Slip And Fall Accident

If you are injured from a slip and fall, report the accident to the property owner immediately. Determine immediately exactly what you slipped or fell on or over. Get someone to take pictures of the scene as soon as possible and NEVER talk to an insurance adjuster before having spoken to a property liability attorney. This is so important because claims’ adjusters will usually try to put words in your mouth by asking you leading or misleading questions hoping you will answer without thinking the question through only to then use your statement against you later in an effort to build their case against you. Then, give a call to Karp & Hart at one of our law office contact numbers. We are here to discuss what happened to you, offer our advice and proceed with your case if we feel it is credible within the criteria of Pennsylvania law.

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