Stupid Laws In Pennsylvania

There are laws, and then there are also, well other kinds of laws – one’s we often don’t quite understand! The dumb laws, the stupid laws, the crazy laws, the weird laws, the silly laws, the insane laws! The following ten laws are on the books in the state of Pennsylvania, you be the judge – maybe go out and make a citizen’s arrest if you ever observe any such activity:

1.         All liquor stores shall be run by the state government.

2.         In Connellsville, PA, you cannot wear pants that are lower than five inches below the waist.

3.         In Morrisville, PA, it is illegal for a woman to wear any kind of makeup without acquiring a special permit.

4.         Pittsburgh has strict rules regarding trolley cars – it’s against the law to bring a donkey or a mule onto a trolley car.

5.         If you’re in Coatesville and you misuse a shopping cart – you could be convicted of a crime.

6.         Hunters beware – it’s a crime to shoot a big game animal while it’s swimming.

7.         Speaking of hunting – it’s illegal to hunt in a cemetery.

8.         Let’s play fair – it’s illegal to use dynamite to catch a fish.

9.         Start the wedding early – it’s illegal for a minister to perform a marriage when either the bride or groom is drunk.

10.       Pennsylvania isn’t the only state to have dumb rules – in Rhode Island, it’s a misdemeanor to tell an online lie about your waistline, your age or anything else that qualifies as the “transmission of false data.” So much for online dating – we’d all go to jail.

However, as far as we know, there is no stupid or dumb law that makes it illegal to eat take-out Chinese dumplings in a row boat!

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