Tips for Avoiding Springtime Slip and Fall Accidents

Now that the weather is warmer and it’s clear that spring is really here,an increase in outdoor activities and a more hectic pace can lead to more personal injury accidents; specifically slip and falls. No one expects to slip and fall. If you have evertripped on a cracked sidewalk or slipped on a wet floor at a food store, or fallen while rushing up a flight of steps, you know the shock of it. It happens quickly and unexpectedly. Injuries like this can just as easily happen in public places or on private property.

The National Safety Council reports that slip and fall incidents land about nine million people a year in the emergency room. Injuries range from bumps and bruises to broken bones and traumatic brain injury. People over the age of 65 are especiallyvulnerable. According to the Center for Disease Control, almost one third of Americans over the age of 65 will suffer a slip and fall accident each year. And close to two million will be treated in emergency rooms for their injuries

All property owners and businesses are obligated by law to keep their property safe, but accidents still happen. The best way to avoid getting hurt is to watch out for these scenarios:

  • Be extra cautious walking on slippery surfaces like tile or marble floors, especially if they look wet or look they have recently been mopped
  • Wet leaves are often a hazard, be extra careful walking on wet and windy days
  • Wear sturdy shoes that have good soles so you are less likely to slip
  • Watch for dips in the ground, holes, and uneven surfaces
  • Walk in well-lit areas where you can easily see where you are going

If you are injured in a slip and fall and think the property owner or business where you fell is negligent,seek the advice of a reputable and knowledgeable personal injury attorney. They can tell you, based on their experience and understanding of the law, if you have a case or not.

How The Karp Hart Firm Can Help You

West Chester PA Personal Injury Lawyer Steven Karp has ample experience handling Pennsylvania personal Injury lawsuit claims including slip and fall cases. He also has a long standing track record of obtaining the maximum amount of compensation for his clients based on their injuries. If the insurance company does not offer you a fair and just settlement Mr. Karp has no qualms about taking your case into the litigation phase. As his injury and accident practice focuses 100% on personal injury litigation he has what it takes to get you and your family what you rightfully deserve.  Contact us today at 610-430-2200 For a free consultation.

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