Worrying About Dying? See These Surprising Odds Of Dying Statistics

Worried About Danger & Ways To Die

oddsofdyingThis infographic by the National Safety Council caught our interest because it displays the various odds of dying statistics very clearly. Surprisingly, many of the more spectacular types of accidental injuries and deaths that everyone tends to worry about have very low odds of actually happening. According to the statistics, normal situations pose a more substantial risk than fearful things like lightning strikes and airline crashes.As personal injury lawyers, we are often dealing with cases where someone is injured or has died as a result of an accident. It is always heart wrenching to see the aftermath of such unfortunate situations.


Odds Of Dying

Well, we all are destined to die at some point, but it most likely will not happen by firearm, electrocution, or from an insect sting.

One thing to be cognizant of, however, is that the odds of dying from a more typical, common place deed done in a normal day are substantially higher. Riding in a car, just walking down the street or climbing up that extension ladder while working on your house – these are the things we all do that are actually higher in danger level to our well-being.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Accidents happen. Sometimes it is negligence on someone else’s part, but sometimes it is just a matter of chance or good old fashioned bad luck. Often, however, it is a combination of both – an act of negligence, AND the victim happening to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unless trespassing or ignoring available or displayed warnings, being in the wrong place at an inadvertent time is generally not the fault of the victim if an injury or death occurs.

That’s where we come in.

It starts with the evaluation of your case to determine if there is the grounds for legal action against the other party or parties involved for wrongful death.

So be careful out there, wear your seat belts, put your smart phone out of reach while driving, be totally aware as a pedestrian or when playing sports, and don’t take chances doing things that are a bit of a stretch for your capabilities, or done with equipment that is not up to speed for the task.

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